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Keratoconus treatment for age above 45 years includes intacs, PIE, toric lens and c3R. Usually the keratoconus eye disease is burnt out at this age. The seqyale of the disorder are the main reason patients seek a cure. These symptoms include glare, haloes, difficulty in distinguishing borders of objects, headache, redness of eyes, inability to tolerate contact lenses and poor vision inspite of glasses.

Intacs ring segment are usually the first intervention chosen. These lift the cone of the keratoconus and smoothen the area of incident light. The image quality is improved by a decrease in higher order aberrations. It means patient can see sharper and more clearly. Workplace satisfaction is increased. Sports become enjoyable again.

The new keratoconus treatment- cornea cross linking is reserved if progression is detected. Progression is defined as increase in the bulge of the cornea or decrease in the thickness of the cornea. C3R for post lasik ectasia is indicated in Keratoconus treatment for age above 45 years. Cross linking for post lasik ectasia has the potential to even reverse the flattening.

Keratoconus treatment for age above 45 years includes intacs, PIE, toric lens and c3R

After the above treatments for keratoocnus we may still be left with problems like high astigmatism, inability to read at near or cataracts in eye. All these can be cures with advanced premium lenses- PIE or Los Angeles area locations. We can work with your eye doctor or optometrist.If you are located further away please send us your records for review. We can arrange a phone or video consultation. 

If you have cataracts and keratoconus medical insurance coverage makes Keratoconus treatment for age above 45 years more affordable. Please send us a copy of your medical insurance card for checking eligibility and preapproval.

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