Bulging Eyes

New Step by Step Roadmap for Bulging Eye Your eyes may appear different from one another. Otherwise, the eye should be removed (enucleation). Our eyes are among the most sensitive sections of our whole body and thereby are definitely the most vulnerable to danger. Black eye occurs owing to a blow to the eye or […]

Best Keratoconus Treatment

Best Keratoconus Treatment for your eyes has to be designed by a Keratoconus Surgeon, expert in surgical treatment of keratoconus eye disorders. Each eye is unique so the treatment plan is customized to your eyes and needs. Information needed for Designing the Best Keratoconus Treatment Age Family History History of rubbing Progressive Keratoconus or Post lasik […]

Treatments for keratoconus

Treatments for keratoconus eye disorder have increased the benefits to patients. There are medical and surgical interventions available. Lets discuss new treatments for keratoconus. MEDICAL TREATMENTS Glasses Soft contact lenses Toric contact lens Rigid gas permeable contacts Specialty contact lenses for keratoconus eyes – Rose K/Hybrid Scleral Contact Lens SURGICAL TREATMENTS Cornea cross linking with […]

corneal collagen cross linking procedure combined with PTK and PRK

Corneal collagen cross linking procedure combined with PTK and PRK – Cretan protocol plus can improve refractive error (astigmatism). This is based on our experience and a study paper published in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive surgery from Crete, Greece By Dr. Grentzelos. Corneal collagen cross linking as you may know was invented by […]

Keratoconus Treatment Beverly Hills

Call to book appointment213-568-0076 Are you looking for Keratoconus Treatment Beverly Hills ? We have learn in previous pages of this website on the keratoconus subject that c3R is helpful to halt Keratoconus. Cornea keratoconus treatment  with c3 R or cornea collagen crosslinking with Riboflavin can impede the progression of this vision devastating disease. Hence it […]