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Best Keratoconus Treatment

Best Keratoconus Treatment for your eyes has to be designed by a Keratoconus Surgeon, expert in surgical treatment of keratoconus eye disorders. Each eye is unique so the treatment plan is customized to your eyes and needs.

Information needed for Designing the Best Keratoconus Treatment

  1. Age
  2. Family History
  3. History of rubbing
  4. Progressive Keratoconus or Post lasik ectasia
  5. Duration of the disease
  6. Student or Employed
  7. Type of work
  8. Sports indulged in
  9. Lifestyle activities
  10. Medical Insurance coverage
  11. Finances available

Tests required for planning the Best Keratoconus Treatment

  1. Corneal pachymetry map
  2. Topography of the cornea
  3. Refraction of the eye

Treatment components for Best Keratoconus Treatment in Beverly Hills

  1. CXL or C3R
  2. Intacs
  3. Visian ICL
  4. PIE
  5. Toric Implants
  6. Combinations

We are always adding new keratoconus treatments to the options presented to you.

Best Keratoconus Treatment in Beverly Hills

Once Dr. Khanna the Los Angeles Keratoconus expert has all the ingredients he puts them in his magic cauldron. Out pops a personalized treatment plan suited for your needs. Lets go over some situations so you can understand the rationale involved in devising the treatment protocol.

A 18 year old high school junior is having trouble in school as her glasses prescription is changing frequently. She is apprehensive about getting and surviving in college. as he is also anxious about the upcoming program. Here we have to tackle two problems right away. Instant improvement of vision is required and than stabilization. In this scenario the best option would be to work on one eye at a time. Simultaneous Intacs and Cornea cross linking with riboflavin would meet her needs.

On the other extreme we may have a retired gentleman seeking bothered by declining vision. For keratoconus treatment in people above 50 years the plan would be different. Cross linking may take a back seat. PIE may be a first choice here.

So the permutations and combinations are so many that it is best to seek an expert doc in the field of this degenerative disease.


corneal collagen cross linking procedure combined with PTK and PRK

Corneal collagen cross linking procedure combined with PTK and PRK – Cretan protocol plus can improve refractive error (astigmatism). This is based on our experience and a study paper published in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive surgery from Crete, Greece By Dr. Grentzelos.

Corneal collagen cross linking as you may know was invented by Dr. Wollensack. It can halt the progression of Keratoconus. In US FDA has approved Avedro KXL/Photrexa system to prevent progression in post lasik ectasia and progressive keratoconus. The major drwaback has been that patients are still left with refractory error especially astigmatism. Hence vision is not optimal in these teens and young adults. Keratoconus surgeons had been hesitant to apply laser energy to the keratoconus cornea, for fear that tissue removal may further weaken the cornea.

This will also allow us do corneal collagen cross linking procedure combined with PTK and PRK – Cretan protocol plus can improve refractive error (astigmatism ) on patients of forme fruste keratoconus. Such people have been turned down for classification of cross linking/cxl)


Corneal collagen cross linking procedure combined with PTK and PRK can only be done for minor corrections where total corneal tissue ablated is less than 50 microns. And at least 350 microns should be left. Again, judicial judgment by an experienced laser and keratoconus surgeon is very important. We usually have restricted to treat astigmatism in the central 6 mm zone, especially when tissue ablated is away from the thinnest zone.


Vision can be improved. Combination allows rapid improvement of vision, avoiding contact lenses. There is no additional pain. If the two procedures are done separately there is discomfort and healing time for each. Another advantage of using the PTK mode for removal of epithelium is that it flattens the cone decreasing higher order aberrations.


As with any advance we have to be careful of potential side effects. PTK can weaken the thinnest bulging part of the cornea. This may destabilize the cornea.

Please consult with your keratoconus expert if this is a good choice for you.



Classification corneal cross linking procedure

Keratoconus Treatment Beverly Hills

Are you looking for Keratoconus Treatment Beverly Hills ?

We have learn in previous pages of this website on the keratoconus subject that c3R is helpful to halt Keratoconus. Cornea keratoconus treatment  with c3 R or cornea collagen crosslinking with Riboflavin can impede the progression of this vision devastating disease. Hence it can help one lead a more productive life.

On TV and online one may see numerous ads for various forms of cross linking. Remember to seek the best and FDA approved

Keratoconus Treatment Beverly Hills

In Beverly hills keratoconus treatment is performed at our center with FDA approved technology of Avedro. There are other machines which are not FDA approved like Peschke, Lightmed, and more. These can put your eyes at risk. Please ask your Beverly Hills keratoocnus treatment provider the machine they are employing. Make sure the UVA machine and the Riboflavin is FDA approved.

As of October 2017 Only KXL/Photrexa combination is FDA approved. Would you be a guniea pig in an experimental setting or would you rather have trusted and approved cxl treatment by a Avedro certified Keratoconus professional?

The choice is yours. You have one pair of eyes. Trust one name – Dr.Khanna

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