keratoconus treatment c3r

Keratoconus treatment c3r to halt the progress of Keratoconus eye disorder has been a huge breakthrough. Cornea cross linking with riboflavin was originally proposed and published by Wollensak and Seiler. They proposed removing the epithelium and soaking the eye with riboflavin. In 2004 Dr Boxer wachler proposed a modification. He suggested to leave the epithelium on.

In the last 10 yeras nomenclature has been modified to avoid confusion. C3R is an acronym for cornea collagen cross linking with Riboflavin which encompasses all current crosslinking.. The original cxl is now called epi on . The proposal by Dr. Boxer wachler is now termed as epi on or tranepithelial (TE) crosslinking. Finally, Dr Boxer Wachler has relabelled his exact method to be called Holocomb C3R.