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Keratoconus treatment for ages between 10 to 25 years is very Important.

This is the age when puberty begins. The cornea too joins in the rapid growth. In keratoconus the cornea structure is abnormal. The fibrils slide away at a rapid pace. This leads to a weakening of the cornea. The outward forces of the eye and gravity cause the weakened cornea to bulge forward and down. Thus sets in poor vision with ghosting and glare.

Keratoconus treatment for ages between 10 to 25 years

Keratoconus treatment for ages between 10 to 25 years

The most effective treatment to halt the progression of keratoconus eye disorder is corneal cross liking.There are different types of cross linking but suffice it to say that the most effective is epi off conventional cornea cross linking with riboflavin.

A keratoconus doctor has to thoroughly examine to make sure the teen is a candidate for FDA approved Avedro cross linking. Classification of keratoconus is an important tool to help plan the treatment. Agood candidate has the cornea curvature  less than 57 D and cornea is more than 400 microns with no scar

FDA has approved the procedure for progressive keratoconus and post lasik ectasia.

Once we have the progression in control visual rehabilitation can be attempted with intacs corneal ring implants. These help elevate the cone reducing the higher order aberrations.

Special consideration in Keratoconus treatment for ages between 10 to 25 years

One has to remember kids may be afraid of poor vision. They are also afraid of adults and doctors. So they have be treated kindly and gently.

School and college studies have to be taken in account, Social interactions and life events like prom have to be considered when laying out a time table for the treatment plan,

But please do not worry. Kids like genuine docs who care for them, Our experience has been very positive. Kids usually listen to music on their smartphones during the treatment. They are very motivated to see better so they become our partners, Improved vision has brought joy and a new self confidence in this age group

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