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Los Angeles treatment of keratoconus got a big boost recently. FDA approved cornea cross linking, Intacs, ICL, PIE and PARK are now available at our centers in Los Angeles county. Angelenos lets join hands to overcome keratoconus eye disease.We understand your frustration with vision and are here to help you. 

Keratoconus Eye Disorder
(also called Quertoconus, Bulging Eye or Conical cornea)

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Living with keratoconus eye disorder in a big metropolis can be difficult. In a megapolois like Los Angeles keratoconus’s side effects can cause more problems. Driving at night hindered by glare and haloes on 405, 5 or even 101 can become a nightmare. Even celebrities with keratoconus face this challenge while driving. Of course they are also bothered by the bright overhead lights of sate and shoots.

The goal at Khanna Keratoconus Centers is to liberate you from fear and make life safer. The faster you can return to productive livelihood the better. Another goal is to avoid a cornea transplant forever. You need to come and see us before the cornea develops scars or becomes too thin.

For your convenience our cornea cross linking, intacs, Dalk and cornea transplant surgical suites are centrally located in Beverly Hills and Westlake Village. Our Keratoconus screening centers are spread throughout Ventura, Los Angeles, San Berndino, Riverside, Orange and Kern counties. They are staffed by Khanna Vision certified Keratoconus Doctors who can help detect keratoconus. As well follow up appointments can be made there.

Frank Duarte Jr.  Designer

I was so scared that I would lose ability to work. My detailed research brought up three experts in Cross linking Los Angeles. I selected Dr.Khanna for his passion and ability to connected with me. He and his team guided me and my family through ever step. I recommend Khanna Vision to every one.

Affordability of keratoconus in Los Angeles is a big issue. We make it affordable with no interest low monthly payments. This financing is provided by Synchrony and Wells Fargo Bank.

Our Latest FDA approved Cross Linking Machine - KXL

The FDA approved KXL cornea cross linking system is patient friendly. As you lie under the apparatus to fix your eyes, you are able to breathe comfortably. You can avoid claustrophobia.

Live without  Fear! See Clear!



Keratoconus Doctor

Keratoconus Doctor-Rajesh Khanna, MD

Passionate Exam

Few things are as important to the success of Keratoconus procedure as a detailed thorough exam.

Accurate refraction, cornea status and high tech gadget based tests are complementary to each other

Top Keratoconus Expert

Skillful Procedure

Delicate surgery keeps pain and apprehension away. Precisely placed intacs can make a world of difference.

Cross linking is a longer procedure so requires more patience from surgical team and patient.

Responsive Care

.Learn more about cornea cross linking recovery. Khanna Vision Institute guides you through all the steps.

Intacs recovery is quick. Avoid rubbing the eyes as it can move the intacs.

You have Keratoconus. Keratoconus does not have you!

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We dream of a Los Angeles where every one see. Live Laugh work and play without vision problems.

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